About Us
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About us

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Our History

1962 Camattini Mechanics starts its business as foundry mold manufacturer

1970 Camattini starts epoxy resin business in a few years brings to life Camattini Resins (now Elantas)

1978 Defence market contracts are Obtained thanks to the experience with epoxy resins

1984 Tooling design and part construction for racing cars, composite prepreg starts being used

1987 First Autoclave is installed

1997 CAD-CAM and CNC millers are Introduced in drawing office and production

1999 composite chassis First produced (from tooling design & production to chassis delivery)

SQS 2000 Certification ISO 9001

2003 LMP2 chassis (from tooling design to delivery chassis)

2004 LMP1 chassis (from tooling design to delivery chassis)

2005 Single seater chassis (from tooling design to delivery chassis)

2006 Road car composite chassis (from tooling design to delivery chassis)

2007 Formula 1 composite parts starts being made in Camattini

2008 High Performance road car composite chassis

2009 Formula 1 chassis (from tooling design to delivery chassis)

2010 New plant, located in via Primo Levi 6 in Collecchio (Pr)

2013 Automotive parts Carbon Look starts being made

2014 Certification TUV ISO9001 and AS9100

2014 Camattini Meccanica srl becomes part of the Dallara Group

2015 New equipment come into service delivering our customers the highest standards in Prepreg cutting, 5-Axis machining, Autoclave and Oven curing.

2016 New quality control area with DEA Alpha, new automatic trimming area, new finishing department and bonding components Automotive, the new warehouse

2018 Camattini Meccanica srl has become Dallara Compositi srl

To date we Industrialised:
- 19 different frames for cars Le Mans (LMP1 and LMP2)
- 13 different Formula frames for various championships including 4 Formula 1
- 8 frames of road cars, prototypes or GT

The total number of frames produced every year exceeds 200 units.
In the racing sector we industrialized and produced almost all composite components for any racing category, from one-maker championships up the excellence of LMP cars for Le Mans and for the Formula 1 world.

Every day we do our best to provide all our customers reliability, quality, competence in absolute confidentiality.

Your challenge is our challenge.